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Hear Us Out!

I went to my family doctor Dr Fejer complaining for lower back pain and breathing heavily when going up stairs and walking to my vehicle. Upon his examination told me that I have to lose weight, have me do X-ray on my lower back and blood test.

Dr Fejer inform me that he have a program that can help me lose weight. I was skeptical at first however I join the program. With Fatima and Dr Fejer guidance and encouragement I started to eat healthier as per there list, exercise four times a week and have about seven hours of sleep.

Thanks to Fatima and Dr Fejer I lost 47 lbs in two and halve months. My lower back pain went away 95%. I no longer breathing heavily etc. I have lots of energy now more than before. I am 57 years old and feel as if I am 30 years. I am currently in the program for maintenance. 

I will recommend this program to all my friends and relative and also who want to lose weight safely. Again thanks to Dr Fejerand Fatima for all there help.

Dayand Hardowar.